Sand Free Beach Mat Factory-Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Dec 11, 2019-

We are sand free beach mat factory, Lohas Industrial Co Ltd. 

Today we will talk about Sand Free Beach mat buyer G.

G one is a guest from Mexico, mainly buying outdoor camping supplies, such as camping tent, camping MATS, picnic bags, beach MATS, inflatable MATS, travel bags, waterproof bags, etc.

G has purchased picnic bags, beach MATS and waterproof bags from our company, lehuo industrial co., LTD.

He does things very carefully. Date the cause and company name in each email. For example, the beach mat -- on September 10, M company contacted him for about a year when they first contacted. However, he never placed an order, but sent a sample of the beach mat. Even if it was a sample of the beach mat, he asked me to tell him the business license number of our company.

For the past year, I have been harassing him by sending emails every other month. Every time I send him some new products, such as outdoor tents, bath bags, and collapsible water buckets.

Once again, he made an inquiry. It's a beach mat, a special material. We just shipped the beach mat, so the samples are ready-made and sent to him.

The order of the later beach mat was soon signed and the shipment was very smooth.

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