Rainwater Tank Order Arrangement In May Day

- Apr 28, 2020-

May Day is coming soon. According to state regulations, all enterprises and institutions must take five days off.

The office staff of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. is on vacation for five days, and the workers are on vacation for three days. However, before the holiday, everyone must arrange their affairs at hand.

For example, the person responsible for arranging the orders should arrange the delivery dates of all orders in advance in a table. Like the collapsible rainwater tank, for example, the delivery date is early June, then before the holiday, we must implement the arrival time of all the accessories of this garden rainwater collector, and pay special attention to the practice of rain bucket 225L, this large size There are 6 poles in the rainwater barrel. Don't miss one.

In addition, there are some urgent things, such as those that have recently been shipped, such as foldable waterproof bags. After the packaging is completed, if the customer has inspection needs, it must be arranged in advance. There are also shipping arrangements with the freight forwarder.

In short, all orders for these outdoor products cannot be affected because of holidays, and we must ensure that everything is normal.

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