Rain Barrel Clients Needs Masks Urgently

- Apr 10, 2020-

This morning I received an email from an old American guest, Kim. Their company had previously ordered a foldable rainwater tank at LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. The size is 225L.

In the email, KIM said that their company has long been preparing to order our removable rainwater tank again. The original order was already prepared to be sent to our company. But because the new coronavirus in the United States is very serious recently, more than 400,000 people have been infected.

At present, they urgently need medical supplies such as masks. Medical staff can't even get disposable medical masks. Sometimes one such disposable mask will be used continuously for a week.

Not to mention ordinary people. Now KN95 masks, or N95 masks, children's masks, etc. are very scarce.

Therefore, their current state is to work from home, and almost all shopping malls, companies, playgrounds and other public places are blocked and closed, so that the virus no longer spreads.

We plan to send some more anti-virus masks to Kim's company in the past, and hope they can survive the epidemic smoothly.

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