Quick Opening Tent Inspection

- Apr 18, 2020-

Today is Saturday, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. was on vacation. But it happened to be the inspection of a German guest's cargo quick opening tent.

Therefore, stay in the factory and wait for the third party to inspect the goods in the factory. The camping tents are basically packed, about 1,000 boxes.

After the inspection staff arrived at the workshop, they asked to check the production process of this automatic tent. Fortunately, we took pictures during the production process, such as sewing of this camping outdoor tent, sewing of the zipper at the opening of the tent, and the glass brazing rod. Accessories, etc.

He also picked out 8 boxes of outdoor tents from the many outer boxes and asked to open all the 8-person 2-person tents to see if there were any problems with these beach tents.

Then, see how our staff folded these 2 person tents and repacked them in the outer box.

Throughout the inspection period, everything went smoothly. Just wait for the next week to ship.

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