Prepare For Canton Fair

- Nov 07, 2019-

Below are our one of the new staff working experience in Canton Fair.

One day, the general manager called several of our sales colleagues into a meeting to attend the Canton fair. We prepare outdoor garden products together. As for the Canton fair, hangzhou always attaches great importance to this matter, so they set up two booths. Ha ha. The manager told everyone to prepare the samples and get ready for the fair.

After arranging the sample order, I was worried about the fair. So everyone started discussing and taking notes together. In the following days, we began to divide labor and take actions. Xiao li and xiao Yang prepared samples, tree bags, collapsible rain buckets, waterproof bags, waterproof bags, large buckets, bath bags, shower rooms, portable foot showers, picnic bags, picnic MATS, sleeping bags, waterproof backpacks, etc., prepared quotations, product details and other written materials. We will send the samples to guangzhou later.

In those days, I felt for the first time that everyone had a spirit of teamwork. They would talk and laugh with each other, and their relationship was very harmonious.

Two days before the Canton fair, xiao li xiao Yang I set off, by train. The general manager and the boss don't leave until the next day. Xiao wang stayed in the office to deal with daily job. The camping outdoors goods have been shipped ahead of schedule. More than three o 'clock in the afternoon, arrived in guangzhou the next day more than ten o 'clock in the morning. Take the subway rushed to pazhou exhibition hall. Wow, that's a lot of people. Feel the scene and the Olympic opening ceremony as spectacular.

Pavilion side are some sales personnel, sales do business card, carpet, hook, help to pull goods, part-time translation...... Everyone looks so busy and busy. When you go in, everyone has to hang the sign that they applied for.

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