Precautions For Purchasing And Using Waterproof Bag Of Mobile Phone

- May 24, 2019-

In summer, baotou continues to be hot. Water parks and swimming pools have become good places for people to spend the summer. In order to record the happy time, many friends have equipped their mobile phones with waterproof bags. However, some consumers also reported to 12315 that the waterproof bag had problems and caused the damage of the mobile phone.

There are a few things to remind consumers:

The first thing to say is that the phone waterproof bag is not 100% waterproof. The waterproof effect of waterproof bag is limited, and it should be used in the environment marked by the product to play its due role. Ordinary waterproof bag is only a simple waterproof equipment, and can not achieve professional technical standards, water pressure, temperature, duration of immersion and other factors will affect the waterproof effect. Excessive water pressure (such as diving, fast-flowing water), temperature exceeding a certain limit (such as hot bath, hot spring or environment with too low water temperature), and water quality differences (such as seawater) will all result in poor or even ineffective water resistance. Some waterproof bags can only prevent water splashing or splashing, and can not be soaked in water for a long time. After consumer buys, must read operation manual to undertake understanding carefully, undertake buying according to oneself demand, use, must not rely on individual experience.

Before use, check the waterproof bag itself, whether there is damage, cracking, hard and brittle material; After the mobile phone is put in, the air in the bag should be expelled as far as possible, to avoid the air in the bag will break the sealing strip in the pressure environment; To carefully check the sealing condition of the sealing strip, do the necessary sealing test; Pay attention to the storage environment after use. Do not use waterproof bags that have aged over a long period of time.

After understanding the function of waterproof bag and matters needing attention, it is the choose and buy. Waterproof bags are sold in the shops around swimming pools, water parks and hot springs. It is better to choose waterproof bags with many sealing strips and thick texture. When buying in physical stores, the appearance of waterproof bags should be in good condition, signs, instructions and certificates to avoid buying fake products. Some online stores sell waterproof bag is "cabbage price", consumers should avoid the psychology of cheap, to choose large mall to buy brand goods, to ensure the safety of use.

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