Portable Water Tank Client Nick 3

- Nov 28, 2019-

I meet Nick on skype the other day and he asked how my business was going.

I am very honest to say that the recent outdoor garden supplies orders are quite a lot, the end of the year, every year is very busy.

In particular, the production of collapsible rain barrels and large collapsible water storage tanks, the factory almost every day to eight or nine o 'clock overtime.

The busy season is coming, everyone is used to it. I sent him my new collection of outdoor rainwater collectors and large folding storage tanks.

NICK: another outdoor product we've been looking at is the portable pressure bag. This portable pressure bag is used for bathing, washing cars, and washing vegetables and fruits when we travel. NICK expressed his interest in this outdoor pressure water bag and asked me to send him a sample for testing.

I just sent the sample to NICK two days ago, waiting for his reply and feedback on this portable pressure bag.

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