Portable Pressure Shower Client

- Sep 02, 2020-

September is approaching, and the guests who went on holiday outdoors are returning to work one after another. Therefore, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is about to get busy again.

Yesterday, I received an order for a portable pressure bag from an old French customer. Originally, the foot shower bag he ordered from us was blue. Then the logo on the body of the shower bag is their company name.

The requirement for the foldable shower water bag this time is that all the logos are replaced and the color of the shower pressure bag is changed to black. The material remains the same, but the environmentally-friendly PVC sandwich mesh material.

Then the outer box of the outdoor shower bag is also customized, and barcodes are required.

For this kind of old customers, in fact, after a long time of cooperation, you will know what kind of material, what kind of quality product the customer needs, and when the delivery date is probably.

Customers are welcome to come and order.

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