Portable Pressure Shower Bag Offer

- Nov 29, 2019-

Last time on facebook, Lily asked me for a portable pressure shower bag.

 After I sent him the information and the sample book for the portable pressure bags, he asked me to quote him on a dozen similar outdoor products, such as foldable water and rain tanks, car showers, bath and shower bags, bath tents, and sleeping bags.

 According to my previous contact with him by email, I judged that he had purchased many products from other suppliers. So all of these outdoor prices are very low, especially for the portable shower pressure bags he asked about before. 

The offer is almost as good as the floor price. I hope that such a compromise can be exchanged for the list of guests, temporary or good, as long as there is a list to the first, as long as the loss, I can slowly cultivate her.

A few days ago, Lily asked for a sample and sent him the sample of this portable pressure bag. By the way, her company is an outdoor goods company in America. I hope there will be further orders.

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