Portable Outdoor Shower Set

- Oct 12, 2020-

During the National Day holiday, some guests inquired and expressed interest in rechargeable showers.

This shower is actually a transformation based on our original shower. It is also redesigned and modified according to a customer's request.

At present, many customers are willing to try, but the quantity demand is relatively low. Because of the complicated process in the production of this artifact bath. Therefore, this portable outdoor shower has a minimum order quantity requirement, at least 300 pieces can be customized.

For outdoor showers, we can also use them to wash cars. Because of its small size, easy to use, and easy to carry, it is very popular with outdoor travelers. Therefore, the number of these 300 is actually not a lot.

We can also customize the details of the shower according to the guests' preferences. For example, logo, color box design, packaging method, and color customization.


If you have other questions, you can contact us at any time.

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