Plant Watering Bag

- Apr 25, 2020-

Yesterday, I received a request from a German customer for a plant watering bag they originally ordered, but they requested that this time the plant  water bag be fitted with a copper hole on the side of the zipper. This copper hole is used to prevent the lock and the tree bag from being stolen .

There is no problem in making such modifications on the garden water bag. The number of orders for tree bags this time is 10,000. We are ready to complete the delivery date by the end of May. At present, other details, such as the mark of the tree bag, the color label of the tree bag, and the packaging method of the tree bag, need to be discussed with the guests further.

After the details of all tree bag orders are confirmed, we will arrange production immediately to ensure that the delivery is completed on time.

This old customer, during the epidemic, actually wanted to place an order for the shrub water bag very early, because recently they were also in a state of isolation at home and could not work. So this bag order to water the tree has been shelved until now. Moreover, according to the guests, they will also have a list of other products. Such as rain barrel.

If there is any new progress, it will be notified at that time.

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