Picnic Mat Multifunction

- May 25, 2020-

Summer has gradually come, and there are more and more opportunities to go out and play.

The number of outdoor trips has also increased, so many outdoor products are also selling well.

For example, picnic mats are the most popular.

There are various types of picnic beach mats on the market, and some picnic blankets can also be used on the beach, grass, and at home.

As far as the materials are concerned, the large picnic mats are waterproof and not waterproof. Common oxford picnic mats are made of Oxford cloth with a layer of cotton in the middle and a layer of material at the bottom, made of waterproof PU. Some waterproof picnic mat surfaces are also made of flannel, which can keep it soft and warm. This kind of flannel picnic mat is most suitable in winter.

Some outdoor mats are made entirely of cotton. This type of beach mat is generally used on the beach. Spread this large-sized beach mat on the beach, sit and sit freely, place food, etc. If it is cold, the sea can directly cover the beach blanket on the body and use it as clothing .

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