Picnic Ice Bag

- Dec 18, 2019-

In the last news, I wrote that a client A want the picnic bag and he got the samples but do not have order. 

In the following paragraphs, I will continue about this picnic bag client A story.

I guess from A's email about the picnic ice bag, maybe my offer has no advantage over his other suppliers of picnic ice pack.

According to the theory, I also looked at company A when making the offer, which was for outdoor camping supplies, such as beach MATS, beach bags, picnic bags, waterproof bags, travel bags, camping tents and sleeping bags. I didn't feel so competitive.

At that time, I mainly felt that the customer from Google would not compete with ali platform in terms of price, and he was the new buyer of this product, so he offered the price

It's above medium price.

After receiving this email from him, I sent an email to ask him if it was the price. If so, let him give a target price of what, we are the longest history of this product in China, such as the discourse

Barabbas said a lot of things, but it wasn't a long story. Let him reply to my email.

The result has not received his reply so far. I called him once, and then asked me to email him again. I didn't seem to understand English.

Several times, still no reply.

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