Picnic Bag Factory Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Oct 26, 2020-

Recently, there are many inquiries for foldable picnic bag on the website of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. Some guests want canvas picnic bag , and some guests want insulated picnic bag, or a picnic backpack for two people in plaid cloth. This morning, we received an inquiry for a hiking picnic backpack from a French customer. The specific content only said to be 1000 quantities, and then asked the price.

Our reply is as follows :

Hello, we are a manufacturer of picnic backpacks, we can customize picnic bags according to the requirements of customers.

For this picnic bag you are interested in, there are two specifications.

1. 2 person picnic backpack.

2. 4 person picnic backpack.

Which specifications of picninc bags do you need?

  For this picnic bag, our regular packaging is canvas bag packaging, please refer to the attached picture. Do you have any special requirements on the packaging, simple PE bag + manual packaging? Or color card packaging, or something else?

After receiving your reply, we will quote you immediately.

Looking forward to your email.

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