Picnic Backpack New Data

- Nov 10, 2020-

Recently, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has many inquiries about picnic bags.

But most of the inquiries for these picnic backpacks require retail sales. And we are a factory specializing in the production of picnic ice bags, specializing in OEM, ODM and other picnic bag set that need special customization for big guests. Therefore, we only do wholesale or more than 200 pieces picnic backpack set, not retail.

So why do so many customers on our website need to come to us to buy retail picnic bag with cooler?

The staff of our entire sales department discussed the issue of picnic ice bag sales the next afternoon and came to the following conclusions:

The pictures on our website are all pictures of a single picnic bag, picnic bag with cutlery details, etc. It does not show the production diagram of the picnic bag with blanket, nor does it indicate the minimum order quantity of the picnic bag rucksack, etc. These factors have caused customers to mistakenly think that we are doing retail.

Therefore, this week, we have an arduous task: to rectify the picnic bag for 2 on the website, re-optimize all the links to the Insulated Picnic Bags, and then upload them.

Hope that the revised website can bring more convenience to guests.

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