Picnic Backpack

- Dec 18, 2019-

Another guest came from A web site, called A. the product he inquired about was A picnic bag, A heat-insulated picnic backpack with A variety of cutlery.

An inquiry from the picnic backpack, I sent A few his favorite picnic bag pictures, let he choose, the mail was returned as undeliverable, email back several times, to call him, guest said is Spanish, I don't understand, use English to communicate with him, A barely understand A few words, just let me email again, said behind him to mail back to see my picnic bag, make quotation, then he is find my email in the junk mail.

After the quotation, we communicated with each other for several times. Finally, A asked for the sample and chose A brown picnic backpack for 4 people, which is our best-selling one at present.

After sending the samples, he said that they were new to purchase the picnic backpack and were going to check the market, so they didn't respond so soon.

I went to contact him every other week. Once he replied that he would contact me as soon as he got new feedback.

Later, about a week ago, I sent him another email, promoting the same type of other picnic bags and picnic MATS. I sent him pictures of several different materials.

Received the receipt of his business trip, after a day or two, he replied.

He said that after comparison, he plans to temporarily cooperate with other companies on one of the picnic bag products. Because all the products he collected were similar.

But he will record the information of my company into their purchasing system, and will contact me if there is any new need.

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