Picnic Activites

- Oct 16, 2019-

Lohas Industrial Co Ltd staff autumn camping, outdoor picnic


The site of this activity is the Kim family farm, where the scenery is beautiful, there are winding corridors, Dutch windmill, children play slide, all the company members participated in the activity.


Early in the morning, everyone brought picnic MATS, picnic baskets, tents, picnic bags, fishing buckets, kettles and other outdoor supplies produced by our company to the farm, took out their own fine fishing gear to occupy the favorable terrain, threw the pole, and began to enjoy the pleasure of fishing.


Zhuang warrants also help already prepared ingredients, older employees have cooking experience, especially new fairy, Shen Lixian, YuJianJiang team members responsible for burning wild rice, in fact, stoves, burning up the firewood, a big iron pot, put oil, fry the bacon, bamboo shoots, beans, peas, sausage, vegetables and stir-fry until after put rice and water, with the passage of time, followed by a delicious smell of wild rice to me;


Younger is responsible for the barbecue, spread the picnic mat, tents, use water kettle, we have a clear division of responsibilities, unity cooperation, although it is a novice, but there are still many people took part in a barbecue, have a little experience, in which the peremptory became a teacher, competing to make the big teacher, roast barbecue brush oil, spices, barbecue grill online put full, that other people salivate in succession to envy and greed. Each group of roast bone and meat connected, mutton kebabs, chicken wings and so on one by one out, everyone shouted to each other to invite other group members to eat their own home baked things, have praised their group roasted delicious. Baking, eating, visiting, watching, taking pictures, everyone had fun...

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