Outdoor Tent, Do You Really Know How To Use It

- Oct 22, 2019-

Mistake # 1: putting up a tent without wind ropes

Outside to see too many friends do not pull the wind rope tent, many people think this thing is dispensable, can not be used in the days of no wind. This is the one that makes the most mistakes.

Wind rope is not only windproof, it is more important to make the tent inside and outside the tent separate, full tent. After the outer curtain is effectively separated, the condensation of the outer curtain will not wet the sleeping bag and clothes in the inner curtain


Mistake 2: nail the dead wind rope


Hit the ground nail, tie wind rope, often see a lot of people hit the ground nail straight 90 degrees Angle hit, not to say this kind of method must be wrong, but better method should be with the external Angle 45-60 degrees Angle hit, so in the force can bear the biggest.


Some friends pull the wind rope, the wind rope is tied to death, this usage is very wrong, not to mention whether the ground nail played to the best position after the tension of the wind rope, even if can pull the most tight, but the tent in the use of the shaking a lot of time will let the wind rope become loose, so the role of the wind rope will gradually lose balance. In fact, the wind rope will have a three-hole slide, some are plastic, some are metal, the role is the same, is to use this slide to pull the wind rope tight.

In addition to mention a point: the nail in the ground, hit the inside account to first pull it flat. The use method of the three-hole slide on the bottom of the curtain rope.


The slide piece that can have such a 3 holes commonly on tent rope, some are pigment some are metal, but principle and use method are same. Please pull out the loop near the end of the rope. This loop is used to hold the tacks. No matter what kind of tacks you are, this loop is used to hold the tacks tight.

After the nail is driven into the ground at a 45-60 degree Angle, the ring is inserted into the nail. (note that in this way, you can choose the position of the nail according to the ground.)


Then, the front hand pulls the front end of the rope tight, and the back hand holds the three-hole slide and pushes it towards the end of the tent. Pull as tight as you can.


After releasing your hand, you will find that the whole rope is very tight and will not loosen (as shown in the picture). If there is any loose, just pull tight again as above.

how to use outdoor camping tent

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