Outdoor Sleeping Bag Style And Craft

- Jun 06, 2019-

The style of the sleeping bag determines the practical comfort to a certain extent, or different styles of sleeping bags have different use characteristics.

Sleeping bags are generally divided into different styles by shape. There are two kinds of common patterns in the early days: one is envelope type, the shape is rectangular, the zipper is "L" type, it can be completely opened, the specification is generally 80cm wide, the length is 220-235cm, the length of the pocket part is 185-190cm, the head hood The length is 35-40cm. The second type is inexplicable. The circle people used to call it "mummy". The upper and lower widths are narrow. The zipper is usually half-open, and some are designed to be fully open. The specifications are usually 80cm wide and 55cm wide at the bottom. 225-235cm, bag length 185-190cm, head hood is mostly semi-annular, radius 35-40cm.

The development of sleeping bags first experienced the change of shape. Whether it is envelope or inexplicable, there is a gradual improvement process, and each has its own focus on performance. The former focuses on the ease of use, while the latter focuses on the convenience of carrying and keeping warm. If you pay attention to the new varieties of sleeping bags that have recently been introduced, you will find that some sleeping bags are no longer in terms of form. Some people call this new sleeping bag. For the "beer barrel", some people call it "coconut-style". In fact, it is just the alienation of the first two kinds of sleeping bags. It has absorbed the advantages of the first two sleeping bags in design, and abandoned the shortcomings of the former two. The comfort of carrying and using has been greatly improved. About the structure of the sleeping bag and the structure of the sleeping bag refers to the design characteristics of the sleeping bag, and the structural modification of the sleeping bag further perfects the use condition of the sleeping bag.

In the early sleeping bags, there were few side walls and chest walls. In the use, people found that the upper part and the zipper were leaking, which was not conducive to warmth. Therefore, the chest wall and the side wall were added to the design. So that the warmth of the sleeping bag is more perfect.

Whether it is a fully open or a half-open sleeping bag, a zipper is required. When the sleeping bag is switched, the zipper often bites the fabric. It is very inconvenient to use. If it is not good, it will bite the fabric or break the zipper, in order to solve the zipper. Contradictions, so the sleeping bag has been designed with anti-pinch strips.

The early sleeping bag was usually a single-head zipper, which was opened from top to bottom, and the bottom-up closure made the temperature of the lower part of the sleeping bag uncontrollable. The improved double-headed zipper allows the sleeping bag to be switched up and down, and people are using it. The upper and lower ventilations are adjusted at will to adjust the temperature inside the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags can be divided into single-layer slices or double-layer slices in structure. Because of the softness and warmth of double-layered slices, the high-middle sleeping bags generally adopt the structure of double-slice. In fact, the requirements of warmth in different parts of the human body are different. For example, the foot belongs to the end of the cycle, and sometimes it is necessary to strengthen the warmth. Therefore, some high-grade sleeping bags are designed with foot covers to make the foot more protected.

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