Outdoor Products Are Very Nice And Beautiful

- Nov 13, 2019-

On the fourth day, the traffic was poor. The manager and general manager hang returned to Hangzhou ahead of time. Ha ha, the three of us began to be unbridled. Leave two people to stand guard in turn and one to walk around the exhibition. A lot of outdoor products are so beautiful and cool. Imagine taking a tent, a foldable bucket, a portable pressure bag, a shower tent, a waterproof bag, a water bag, etc., driving a RV and going on a trip for a while. It's nice to think about it. You can enjoy it just by looking at it. In the afternoon, I saw that some stalls openly hung the on sale sign.

I bought a pen holder, a small round sandalwood pig holder, to accompany me to this day. A lot of things will be used with feelings! So I am always ridiculed by my friends, that is to say, no matter how old I am, even if I don't use them, they will stay for a long time. For example, when I was at school, I knew that I would not be able to turn over the books again, or I would consign them to Hangzhou in a whole case. Unfortunately, I don't know where I lost the fragrance after I put it for a long time.

Those dense notes, or scribbled symbols that only you can understand, are full of good memories. And clothes, shoes, bags Old or brand-new but long-standing ones are all collected. Like the new but not forget the old, ha ha, actually need to change.

People's memory is limited, the information that can be stored in the brain is limited, and the space that can be carried in the heart is limited. If everything in the past occupied the only place, how to make room for new things? It seems out of the question.

Back to the topic just now, when the flow of people is small, do a daze in the position. Once in a while, one or two people linger in the booth. I immediately hand over waterproof bags, bath bags, sample books and business cards of foldable rainwater buckets. Customers will naturally come in and have a look. Initiative is always the truth of sales.

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