Outdoor Products Accur New Challange

- Mar 29, 2020-

In 2020, because of the new coronavirus, the entire export industry and import industry will be greatly affected. Especially as an exporter of outdoor products and garden products.

Why do you say that?

Because outdoor products are basically used outdoors.

For example, camping tents are generally people's outdoor tents, and the focus is outdoor.

For example, a picnic bag is an outdoor bag for picnics and family outdoor parties to prepare food. It is an accessory needed in outdoor activities.

For example, picnic mats, like the picnic bag above, need to be laid on the mats as a cushion for temporary rest and tableware when outdoor activities.

Another example is the portable pressure bag, which is a bathing bag for people to use when they go out for outdoor camping, military field training, etc. when they are fighting in the field or staying overnight in the field.

There are also many outdoor products, such as hammocks, fishing buckets, folding buckets, and so on. Both need to be used outdoors.

The severity of the new coronavirus has prevented people from traveling around the world. Everyone has nothing special, so it's best to stay at home. Even the school is closed. People stay home from work. Things like outdoor travel are of course cancelled.

Then some outdoor supplies that need to be carried during outdoor travel are also unnecessary.

Therefore, this year, for export companies in the outdoor supplies industry, we must be prepared for the winter.

It is hoped that the epidemic will end soon.

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