Outdoor Greenhouse

- Mar 18, 2020-

A flower house usually refers to a house with an open or semi-open structure that provides shade and rain for the flowers. Water and fertilizer can be applied in real time according to weather and climate.

This kind of flower house, usually called outdoor greenhouse, is a place for plants and flowers. It is very popular in many European and American countries.

Generally speaking, this outdoor heating house is made of PVC material and metal poles. Manual construction is needed, but the method of manual construction is very simple. You can understand how this kind of garden greenhouse is used by looking at the instruction manual.

The greenhouses produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. usually have two lier, three liers, four liers, five liers or higher. Can be customized according to requirements. The materials and styles of the greenhouse are also varied.

There are tunnel-shaped greenhouses, house-shaped greenhouses, and inflatable greenhouses.

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