Outdoor Garden Products On Sale

- Jan 10, 2020-

The Chinese year is coming soon, and the atmosphere for our outdoor garden product retail industry is already strong.

They often discount outdoor products to attract guests.

LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. will also give appropriate discounts to some popular products during large Chinese holidays. Let ’s take a look at what outdoor garden supplies are on sale?

1.Foldable rain barrel

This collapsible water tank can not only be used as outdoor products, but also can be used for outdoor garden irrigation, home bathing water and other functions. It is very popular with the public. So when the New Year is approaching, there will be considerable discounts for large portable water tanks.

2. Garden irrigation bag

This watering bag for trees,saplings, shrubs , etc. is very suitable for garden irrigation. Because it is an automatic drip irrigation plant, it is very labor-saving and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is outstanding in garden irrigation products. If the quantity is large, the discount will be greater than usual.

3.Waterproof bag

The waterproof bags mentioned here include not only waterproof mobile phone bags, foldable portable buckets, waterproof backpacks, and portable pressure bags. There are also discounts on these essential tools for outdoor travel.

If necessary, welcome new and old guests to consult and order. Thank you

tree watering bags on sale

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