Outdoor Activity From Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Apr 12, 2020-

In spring, the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining.

It's a good time for outdoor activities.

Although the epidemic in Europe and the United States is serious, China is now in a good condition, and everyone can freely go out.

Everyone wears masks when going out, it is best to choose outdoor activities with fewer people.

Yesterday, an employee of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. went hiking with his family. Of course, everyone put on protective masks, brought our picnic carpet, picnic bag, and camping tent for fun.

When you reach the top of the mountain, open the picnic mat and spread it on the ground. The family enjoys the food in the picnic bag, opens the camping tent, sits on the camping mat, looks at the scenery on the top of the mountain, looks at the blue sky and white clouds above, and lives well Comfortable.

The busy rhythm of modern life requires such a slow outdoor life. Bring outdoor supplies and go out with your family to relax.

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