Original Clients Needs Mask

- Mar 28, 2020-

Some time ago, our company sent masks to all our guests for free.

These days, one after another received the masks that customers need, and asked the price of masks.

A couple of days ago, a customer who was a garden product was in Germany. He ordered several containers for tree watering bags and folding rain buckets every year.

He told us that orders for foldable rain buckets and shrubs watering bags must be delayed because Germany's new coronavirus is also serious now. They urgently need masks.

The masks we sent to him were not enough, so he wanted to buy them. Let us help him find a manufacturer.

Therefore, we assist our customers in finding masks. We hope that the epidemic will end soon, and tree bags, shower rooms, camping tents, sleeping bags, picnic mats and other products can be re-sold.

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