Nylon Beach Mat Factory

- Jun 28, 2020-

nylon beach mat information:

Recently, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. introduced a new product, beach nylon mat.

This nylon cushion is super lightweight. It is only as big as a slap when folded. It can accommodate more than 8 people at the same time when opened. In line with the business philosophy of honesty and quality first, it was quickly loved by new and old customers.

Let's take a look at the specific details of this nylon beach mat.

Color specifications can be customized!

Name: Nylon beach mat (three-line stitching)

Material: 210T nylon waterproof fabric

Specifications: 240*145 cm 220*180cm 213*275cm 240*285 cm 280*305cm

Accessories: 4 ground nails.

The weight corresponding to the corresponding size is as follows:

240*145 Weight: 400g Packing Specification: 20*15*6cm

220*180 Weight: 400g Packing Specification: 20*15*6cm

213*275 Weight: 600g Packing specification: 20*15*7cm

240*285 Weight: 600g Packaging Specifications: 22*16*9cm

Small pocket size: 22*17cm

Big bag size: 29*20cm

Iron nail specifications: diameter 4MM length 17CM

Carton specifications: 47*36*30cm

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