New Working Time

- Feb 05, 2020-

According to the usual production schedule, all the employees of LOHAS been working hard to start the production of the orders received years ago.

At present, there are 25 orders that we haven't yet produced, including 8 oders of  folding rainwater tanks, 2 orders of  225L rainwater tanks, 2 orders of 100L black rainwater buckets from new customers, and others are returned orders. There are five orders for tree watering bags, four for waterproof bags, and two for 25L and 10L blue waterproof bags with waterproof zippers. There are three orders for drinking water tanks, and the rest are a total of five lists of outdoor accessories.

Originally, these lists should be produced as soon as possible, but recently, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan is very serious.

Therefore, our company also arranges the workers to have a holiday. The office staff work at home, and can track the details and details of all orders.

So, everything goes well except that the delivery date will be postponed accordingly.

At present, sleeping bags, camping tents, and ice packs do not have stock samples and need to be proofed. Other products such as rainwater collector, water bags, fishing buckets, tree bags and other outdoor garden products have stock samples

foldable rain barrel

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