New Sand Free Beach Mat

- Apr 14, 2020-

Summer is coming again, and swimming at the beach is an indispensable outdoor sport for seaside people. Just think about it, just coming out of the sea, the body is wet, and there is sand everywhere, how inconvenient if there is no good beach mat!

Let me introduce a new type of sand free mat.

The HPDE material used in this sand-proof mat is woven with a new type of weaving method. It has two layers, both front and back, and can be used on both sides. The D-shaped buttons at the four corners can fix the mat on the beach to prevent strong wind Blow away.

The size of this foldable beach mat can be customized. Currently the most shipped are 2x2m, 1.3x1.8m.

Last week, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. received an order for this beach mats, but the size was 1.5x1.8m. The color is blue. This guest is from Israel, they are by the sea, they come to our company to order this camping beach mat every year.

If you have needs, you can contact us at any time. Please email Thank you

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