New Outdoor Urgent Enquiry

- Mar 06, 2020-

We received a new inquiry today from an old Spanish guest.

There are many products in the inquiry, in addition to outdoor products, there are some daily necessities, and urgent medical supplies.

Such as sleeping bags, camping backpacks, waterproof raincoats and ponchos, masks, disinfection water, etc.

My reply to the guest's email is as follows:

Thank you for your inquiry email.

Our company produces outdoor products. Compared with your accessories, currently we can produce products such as sleeping bags, backpacks and ponchos.

  Attached are some pictures and materials of these products we have produced before, please look over.

We can produce and process according to your requirements, but need more detailed information, such as detailed pictures of products.

If convenient, please provide pictures of these products. Thank you

Looking forward to your reply.

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