New Outdoor Products Situation

- Mar 05, 2020-

The foreign trade situation has been changing, coupled with the reasons for new coronaviruses. Following the trend, let's talk about how newcomers should start foreign trade in 2020 and how newcomers develop customers Which development methods can be developed to customers?

Under the new environment, some companies have begun to transform the production of masks, disinfectants and other medical supplies. The products we have produced before are outdoor emergency waterproof bags.

Choice: What kind of company and product should the newcomer engage in foreign trade? For example, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in outdoor garden products.  For many years, we have been committed to the production and sales of outdoor products, such as outdoor waterproof bags, outdoor pressure shower bags, outdoor tent sleeping bags, outdoor folding buckets, etc. As for garden products, they can be considered as outdoor products, and can be used with outdoor products, such as foldable rain buckets, irrigation water bags, tree bags, and drip irrigation system bags. The product market is not large; product technology: difficult or not, directly affects communication and service with customers; whether the site engineer or boss with high technical requirements can cooperate; product repurchase rate: whether the customer buys it once or not for ten years Bought it? This will lead you to develop customers forever. Or the kind of product, opened an order, maintained, customers can return orders, and the larger the amount? Products are very important for foreign trade business. Choosing the right product can bring continuous explosive growth to our performance. Choosing the wrong product will leave us at the bottleneck and cannot leave it. As a result, the resources we have accumulated over the past few years cannot add value to us. We need to rebuild customer resources on new companies and new products. Watching others do better and better, getting on track, and we're back at the starting line, this is how the gap slowly opened

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