Meetings For Collpasible Rain Barrel

- Nov 02, 2020-

Meetings for Collpasible rain barrel 

Every Friday afternoon, all departments of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. have their own meetings. Colleagues in each department will summarize their work for the week and make a preliminary list for the work to be done next week.

How did we have this meet ?

Let's start with the purchasing department. The purchasing manager needs to list the materials that need to be purchased as soon as he gets our order schedule. For example, whether the material of the tree bag should be PE, pe, or pvc, should the foldable rainwater tank have a waterproof zipper or an ordinary zipper, or should the waterproof bag be lined with aluminum for waterproof ice packs Membrane requirements and so on. All details are verified, and all the work is assigned to the employees below to carry out corresponding purchases and follow-up.

Then, the storage department needs to check the materials of the waterproof bag, or the accessories of the portable pressure bag, or the lining of the camping inflatable cushion at the first time, and then put it in the warehouse.

Then, the production department began to produce the products ordered by the customers. To produce outdoor rain buckets, you must go to the warehouse to collect materials and sign. Then intensively began to produce rainwater bucket body, outer box, printing LOGo, or packaging.

Thirdly, the packaging workshop needs to put all the packaged goods into the bulk warehouse, wait for inspection, and then ship.

Finally, it is the shipping link. According to the process, all products that need to be shipped are not as good as the outer boxes of outdoor beach mats.

collapsible rain barrel

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