Lohas Industrial Co Ltd Working Schedule

- Mar 12, 2020-

From this week on,  all employees in  LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd.,have been on duty, and workers have also begun to work.

The orders accumulated years ago, for example, the materials of the foldable rain barrel have been gathered, the carton of the foldable rain bucket is ready, and the high-frequency machines for producing rainwater collectors have also been started. The factory is now working orderly.

There are also orders received just a few years later, and the delivery time of orders received after the current year should be arranged after May. Waterproof bags, waterproof backpacks, travel bags, picnic mats, picnic bags, as well as some camping tents, sleeping bags and camping mats, etc. The delivery time of these lists should also be taken after May.

If you need to order these outdoor supplies garden irrigation supplies, please contact us in advance to do a good job of communication.

Thank you

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