Lohas Industrial Co., LTD Watering System

- Nov 06, 2019-

Lohas Industrial co., LTD mainly produces all kinds of outdoor products and some garden products related to water.

Outdoor products , such as outdoor water bag, outdoor shower, outdoor portable pressure bag, outdoor waterproof bag, outdoor waterproof travel bag, outdoor picnic bag, outdoor travel camping accessories waterproof tent, MATS and so on.

Garden products aspects, such as tree watering bucket, collapsible rain bucket, size collapsible water tank, drip irrigation system.

At present, the best-selling are waterproof system and water storage system outdoor garden products. Now let's introduce a watering system for watering the garden.

Not only are these systems individually capable of watering a tree, but their potential greater use lies in the interconnectedness of these tools. These watering tools do their job, each doing their best to water the tree in their own area and within their own watering range, thus forming an irrigation system, a watering system.

Let's take a look at how these watering systems work. What is needed is a large, green, cylindrical, collapsible rain bucket that holds water that falls from the sky or from a faucet.

Then there is the automatic drip irrigation system which consists of a series of small water pipes and sprinkler heads connected to the rain water bucket and the drip irrigation system by an adjustable valve device.

Then there are the bags for watering the trees.

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