LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd Trainning

- Mar 13, 2020-

Yesterday afternoon, all the employees of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. had a large collective training.

The main content of this training is how to communicate with customers accurately and quickly under the epidemic situation of new coronavirus.

For some hot-pressed products of high-frequency machines, such as foldable rainwater tanks, foldable buckets, waterproof bags, waterproof bags, garden irrigation bags for watering trees, etc., the production arrangements of these products, and some cooperation with related raw material manufacturers Materials and accessories are all verified one by one.

For products that need sewing, such as tree watering bags, we have a tree bag made of PE material. The entire production process relies on sewing and no hot pressing process is used. This kind of tree bag is cheap, fast in production speed, and high in output. High demand from customers. So most of the sewing I usually see is this tree bag,

There are some outdoor bags such as sports bags, travel bags, outdoor luggage and so on. These products also require sewing machines.

Aiming at these products, all employees of our company have docked their own ideas and problems encountered in their work. Everyone expressed their opinions and came up with various solutions to some problems.

Therefore, this collective training is still quite necessary, and more such training opportunities will be added in the future.

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