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- Sep 26, 2019-

Autumn is coming, last weekend, it is a good time to play relax! On September 22, the company organized employees to take a one-day trip to wetland forest park. The purpose of the trip is to let everyone feel relaxed in the autumn season, stay away from the intense work pressure and get close to nature, so as to stimulate their enthusiasm for work and life.

The company office prepared and arranged in advance, and everyone gathered in the company in the morning. We arrived at our destination after an hour's drive. Looking ahead, lush water grass, forestland, surrounded by green, all things vibrant. Located at the main entrance of the park is the landscape scenic spot, the boulder stands in the northwest of the square, and the surrounding forest formed a beautiful landscape picture. Accompanied by the bright sunshine, we slowly along the path, in the slow forward journey, can quietly enjoy the beauty around, feel the change of vision. Hidden in the dense forest wood log cabin, all of a sudden people into the world of fairy tales.


 The lotus pond is the lotus viewing area of the park. The small wooden bridge leads to the octagonal pavilion. Walk in this "natural oxygen bar", feel the natural atmosphere, people feel very comfortable, rich negative oxygen ions can effectively promote human metabolism, enhance the body immunity. At noon, everyone gathered for a picnic. In the delicious food, people communicate with each other. After tasting the delicious food, the company's staff in groups visited various attractions in the park, gradually away from the concrete building, into the beautiful nature of birds and flowers, mountains and waters. We enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also do not forget to take photos to commemorate, enhance each other's feelings, create a harmonious collective atmosphere.

 In the evening, the company's employees returned to the company by bus. The journey of joy of one day, although feel a little tired, the mood is very carefree however. This spring outing, everyone relaxed, relieved the pressure brought by work and life, reflected the evergreen team vitality, and enhanced the feelings between colleagues. In the spring of hope, we are passionate, together with the company sail forward!


I believe that in the future work staff will be more full of work enthusiasm into their own posts, for the company's vigorous development to contribute their own strength!



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