LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd Meeting About Masks

- Apr 01, 2020-

In recent days, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. has been discussing whether to add a mask product to our website www.lohasoutdoors.com, and everyone has had a heated discussion.

The arguments against adding face masks at night are as follows:

We have always been making outdoor garden products. We only need to make our existing products, make tree watering bags more delicate, make waterproof backpacks more beautiful, make camping showers stronger and more durable, and make various waterproof bags Are more waterproof and firm, and so on, these are the focus of our work.

The arguments in favour of adding   N95 masks to the website are as follows:

1. The current situation is special, and medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing and goggles are most urgently needed. Especially in Europe, America and other countries, such items are urgently needed. And a few days ago, a lot of old customers who do outdoor products or garden products have asked us for help in purchasing masks, KN95 masks and disposable medical masks.

2. Our traditional outdoor products, such as foldable rainwater tanks, portable pressure shower bags, camping backpacks, picnic mats, picnic bags, waterproof bags, garden irrigation water bags, drip irrigation bags and other products are not urgently needed now. Because these products are basically used outdoors, and foreign guests are now living at home and isolated, these popular products have basically been put on hold for some time.

3. Our boss's younger brother has a mask factory, has a CE certificate, has export rights, and the supply of goods is not a problem.

Therefore, the number of people who add masks on the website is still the majority.

Therefore, we will appropriately add a link to the mask on the website.

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