Lohas Industrial Co Ltd Canton Fair

- Oct 30, 2019-

Lohas Industrial Co Ltd Canton Fair

The second phase of Guangzhou Fair in autumn 2019 has come to an end perfectly. The exhibitors of lehuo Industry Co., Ltd. reported that the effect of Guangzhou Fair in recent years is not as good as that of the previous years. But from the perspective of the overall flow of people, there are still many purchasers from all over the world interested in garden products.

On October 24, a German purchaser came to our booth and inquired aboutrain barrel, collapsible water tank, waterproof travel bag, picnic bag, tree bags and water bag products.

 From the conversation between our exhibition staff and German foreign businessmen, we know that the German foreign businessman is named Bing Li and is an overseas Chinese. Bin is the general representative of a British group company. This time, he came to attend the second phase of Guangzhou Fair 1 for greenlingers Trading Limited, a subsidiary of the group company. The purchase objective of this time is garden accessories and tools.

During the conversation, Bingli had a detailed understanding of the structure, material, process, packaging, price, and installation methods of our rainwater buckets and tree watering bags, which were affected by the professionalism of our exhibitors and the quality and creativity of our products. Therefore, a preliminary cooperation intention is reached.

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