Knowledge Of Containers Required For Cargo Towing.

- Dec 27, 2019-

Many outdoor supplies and garden supplies factories have good quality products. Bathing bags are both foldable and environmentally friendly. Waterproof bags can be waterproof and can be filled with water. Foldable rain buckets can be used for garden irrigation or as Bathtub, waterproof backpack can be used as a handbag, casual bag, business bag, etc. When it comes to products, the factory is right. But when it comes to some transportation knowledge of foreign trade, it is still lacking.

Now let's talk about the knowledge of containers required for cargo towing.

1.What do large cabinets, small cabinets, and double backs mean?

Large cabinets generally refer to 40-foot containers, typically 40GP and 40HQ. 45-foot containers are usually considered special containers.

Small cabinets generally refer to 20-foot containers, usually 20GP.

Double back refers to two small cabinets of 20 feet. For example, a trailer pulls two 20-foot cabinets at the same time; when the port is hoisted, two 20-foot containers are hoisted onto the ship at one time.

2. What is LCL? FCL?

Less than Container Load refers to the goods with multiple consignors in a container. Small quantities of goods that are less than a full container are LCL and operate according to LCL-LCL.

Full container load refers to the goods with only one owner or manufacturer in a container. A larger batch of goods that can fill one or more full containers is the full container load.

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