How To Use Self-filling Pads?

- May 12, 2020-

How to use self-filling pads?

The air permeability of the air bed is relatively poor, but this problem is solved very well: just lay a layer of quilt on it. In summer, just put a bed sheet on it, and then put a bamboo mat or straw mat. All summer, you can feel the cool and comfortable feeling of sleeping on the water; For winter use, it is best to lay a thicker layer of cotton wool or quilt on it to increase warmth and breathability. It is also like sleeping in a warm pile of cotton.

Let's talk about how to deflate the self-filling cushion

a. Generally, air beds are used. We will recommend users to put a bed sheet on the bed surface, put a bamboo "Mahjong" summer mat or straw mat in summer, and put a thick quilt or cotton wool in winter. Can achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer. When you deflate, open the gas valve, the gas will be naturally discharged from the bed, plus a mat or quilt on the bed, the exhaust speed is very fast, less than a minute, it will naturally discharge clean, the heavier the pressure The faster. This is the fastest way to exhaust gas;

b. If there is no mat or quilt on the inflatable mat surface, then open the air valve to let it discharge naturally when you deflate. It only takes four minutes before and after. At this time, if you press it by hand, the discharge will accelerate.

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