How To Use Camping Shower In Outdoor

- Dec 03, 2019-

20L shower bag can be hung in the tree generally, but there is no cover around, if the user outside the shower changing tent, there is no place to hang the shower bag, how is this good? Do you have a tubular changing tent? It's the kind of thing where the top is open and you can put a tree bag in the middle of it

Outdoor pay attention to multifunctional equipment, so you can take less equipment to reduce weight.

There are two ways to answer your question:

1. Use a tent tent and rely on trees for privacy.

2. Directly choose "bathing tent" and "dressing tent".

The bathing tent produced by lehuo industry co., LTD. Is designed for outdoor bathing. It is a perfect outdoor bathing partner with bath bag or foot shower.

In terms of the choice of bath bags, there can be different materials and different colors, such as 20L, 40L or others. In terms of material, portable bath pressure bags are also very popular. They are of high quality and affordable.

The bath tent is just a matter of opening the package, throwing it in the air and opening it in seconds. Very convenient.

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