How To Test The Waterproof Bag?

- Dec 24, 2019-

How to test the waterproof bag?

1. When using a waterproof bag, you must first confirm whether the waterproof bag is a 100% waterproof bag, and confirm whether the zipper of the waterproof bag, or whether the opening part is completely waterproof.

2. Then put a less important thing into the waterproof bag.

3. Fasten the opening of the waterproof bag with a zipper or a Velcro.

4. Put the waterproof bag into the water for 5-10 minutes.

5. Remove the waterproof bag from the water and open the waterproof bag.

6. Take out the contents of the waterproof bag and check if it is wet. If it gets wet, reselect a new, more waterproof bag.

If the contents of the waterproof bag are intact, then it proves that the waterproof bag can be used in water.

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