How To Test The Drip Time Of Tree Watering Bags?

- Oct 29, 2020-

How to test the drip time of tree bags?

Before the tree water bag is shipped, the quality inspection department will inspect all aspects of the tree bags. One link is to test how long the 75l tree bag drips.

Yesterday at 9 o'clock in the morning, our quality inspectors began to take out some of the tree bags shrub watering bags from the bulk goods, open the packaging, and then wrap the tree bag irrigation under the tree and zip up.

Then start to fill the tree hydration bag with water. The time after the water is full is 9:36am, and the test continues until 7:30pm. Almost nearly 10 hours.

At 13:08 in the afternoon, we went to check the dripping condition of the tree bag for watering. From the picture, the water in the 75L tree bag has flowed by one third.

At about 16:40 in the afternoon, there was not much water in the tree bag, and it was about three-quarters flowing.

Then, at 19:30, we checked the dripping condition of the tree drip bag for the last time, and found that the water in the tree bag had almost run out.

Judging from the drip test time of this tree bag, we can know that the drip time of this PE sandwich cloth tree bag 75L is about 9.5-10 hours.

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