How To Take A Camping Tent When We Are Out?

- Mar 10, 2020-

Of all the equipment we need to carry out, the camping tent is probably the largest and heaviest. How to take it out easily is absolutely important.

Every tent is sold with a bag, and many people are used to putting tents in them. Not to mention that it is very troublesome to put it in a regular stack. The tent is usually the largest one of all our equipment, and the space for the backpack is limited. In addition to it, there are two large pieces of sleeping bag and moisture-proof pad.

What's more troublesome is that many camping tents are packed in a long tube. If you use a smaller backpack, it will probably not fit. Hanging the tent outside the backpack? It seems like a good way to save space, but it's not. It's easy for this guy to trouble you outside,

The outdoor tent is very heavy, and it is not easy to be sturdy if it is hanged outside the backpack, unless it is like a brown bag. If you cross the road, it will be easily caught by the branches. If you accidentally scratch the branches, You are miserable. What to do? The best way is to give up the restraints brought by the manufacturer's design-throw away the outer bag of the tent and use a large sleeping bag instead.

You do n’t have to fold camping tent too much when you close it. Just put it in a sleeping bag cover like a sleeping bag. If you want to save volume, add a sleeping bag compression strap to squeeze the volume to a smaller size. (It looks very savage ?!) In this way, the packed sleeping bag is changed from the original long tube into a ball, and it can be placed in the backpack.

Another advantage of this is that the random folding position is random, and if it is only for the sake of beauty, it can only be received in the original tent bag if it is stacked properly, then the folding position is Fixed, this part is easy to age first as time goes by. After the tent is settled, the rest of the tent pole is much easier to say. It is easy to pack it vertically in the backpack or hang it outside the backpack.

The rough bottom of the tent will scratch your hand when you push it in. It is better to fold the inner account a few flat pads on the sleeping bag in the backpack, which is not large; the tent pole is placed on the back of the bag and the system is not easy Broken; the tent is lightly placed on the surface of the backpack, and it is waterproof. It can be quickly pulled out as a poncho when it rains. If it is 225, the tent can be pulled out and installed as a canopy or cooking hall; The bag can be used as a moisture-proof pad cover, and the moisture-proof pad and the aluminum thin roll can be pushed inside and hung outside the backpack.

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