How To Sleep Well In Camping Tour With Sleeping Bags

- Sep 15, 2019-

Whether you use a new sleeping bag that is quite bulky and comfortable or a sleeping bag that has experienced many battles, how to make yourself sleep comfortably is the first priority. Keep in mind: Sleeping bags do not warm or heat themselves, they just slow down or reduce the body's heat release, the best way is for the body to store more heat.

Keep away from the bad environment

Tents in comfortable locations can increase the temperature by about 30 degrees. Camps should not be located at the bottom of streams, because this is a cold air gathering place, and do not camp on ridge ridges, choose leeward or forest areas, or use camping bags or snow caves.

Flexibility of sleeping bags

Because the new sleeping bag is squeezed into the sleeping bag for a long time, the initial fluffy degree and thermal insulation will be slightly worse than not warm, it is better to set up a tent and open the sleeping bag to make it fluffy, of course, the longer the better. The thermal insulation coefficient of each kind of mattress is different. It can isolate the heat released from the bottom of the sleeping bag. In different seasons, it is better to use different mattresses, such as full-length solid mattress with general drives or automatic inflatable mattress, and then place the backpack, main rope or other items under your feet.

Complete waterproofing

Any wet mattress is unbearable and uncomfortable. If there is no waterproof sleeping bag, it can be replaced by a large garbage bag. When the tent is soaked in water, the wet items can be placed inside. In bad weather, the inside tent will gather water droplets, so the windows of the tent must be slightly opened to let the tent ventilate. When the rain is over, the sleeping bag must be taken out and sunny. If it is snowy, the sleeping bag should be spread out directly in the tent. Wear enough clothes: The mountain guide once said that if you don't sleep completely and wear all your clothes, it means you take too much clothes. It's better to wear a hat because half of your body's heat dissipates from your head.


Food is fuel. Don't empty stomach or oil depot before bedtime. Eat some high-calorie substances before bedtime. At the same time, enough water is very important to the metabolic function of the human body. When you feel tired, you wake up thirsty while sleeping, or when you want to drink more water, you need to drink more water. The number of urination is about four to five times a day. The urine should be transparent, if it is yellow. Color means that the body is still dehydrated.


Warm up

Sleeping bags do not maintain and produce heat. Don't immediately lie in the sleeping bags when you arrive at the camp. It's useless to be too tired and too cold. Eat good and enough dinner and hot drinks, then walk in the moonlight for a while. It's not comfortable to warm your body to sleep by the standard of not sweating. No matter what kind of sleeping bags you use, it will still be uncomfortable in wet environment. And the heat preservation is poor.

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