How To Maintain Folding Tents?

- May 13, 2019-

1. Carefully read the support method before installation, so as to avoid improper installation affecting the use effect;

2. Avoid cutting the tent with sharp instruments, which will affect the use effect;

3. After the tent is used, all the spare parts should be collected for reuse;

4. The load on each support shall not exceed 100kg during stacking

5. In the process of handling, it should be put as lightly as possible, and the outer packing should be protected from damage, so as not to lose accessories;

6. If you use electrical appliances in the tent, please pay attention to the good insulation of wires and iron brackets, otherwise there will be the risk of electric shock;

7. Before you pitch your tent, carefully survey the terrain. Avoid Rolling Stones, rolling logs, and weathered rocks above your campsite.

8. Do not set up tents near the river bank and on the dry riverbed during the rainy season;

9. In case of lightning strike, do not set up tents on the top of mountains or in open fields;

10. When installing on mud or sand, drainage ditches can be dug around to ensure that the interior of the tent is dry;

11. The materials used in the tent are not flame retardant. If you need to cook in the tent, please keep the flame away from the cover or use fire prevention board to isolate the flame.

12. When the local wind exceeds the level of 8, please remove the tent in advance.

13. Be sure to dry the tarpaulin before storing the cotton tent. Fold the tarpaulin and store it after it is dry again.

14. Depending on the local humidity and weather conditions, dry the tarpaulin regularly to avoid breeding bacteria and damaging the rainproof coating of the tent.

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