How To Effectively Work At Home When The Virus

- Feb 07, 2020-

In the morning, the leaders of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. organized all office employees to conduct such a training at home, "How to effectively work at home during the Virus".

During the training, the general manager made five requirements for all office employees.

1. Make table statistics on all raw materials for bathing bags, camping showers, portable pressure bags, water bags and other bath supplies.

2. For orders placed years ago, there are no production orders, such as foldable rainwater collectors, foldable water tanks, waterproof bags, travel bags, waterproof ice packs, hiking backpacks, etc., you must arrange the time uniformly and extend the delivery. The guests must be informed in advance.

3. Products that need to purchase raw materials and accessories, such as support poles for foldable water tanks, zippers for waterproof bags, shoulder straps, water inlets for water bags, tent nails, etc.

4. Communicate with all existing customers who are about to place orders, and see how many orders are still expected to be produced and what products, such as beach mats, shower tents, picnic bags, etc., and when will they be delivered.

5. When working from home, all employees should pay more attention to their health and stay out of the house. Remember to wear a mask when going out.

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