How To Eat Correctly During The Outbreak?

- Apr 23, 2020-

Currently at a critical stage of prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks caused by new coronavirus infections, in order to strengthen the management of various canteens and protect the health of the dining staff, the Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has made efforts to strengthen the management of canteen dining during the outbreak prevention and control Click the prompt.

1. It is strictly forbidden to operate without a license and open to the outside world

Canteen refers to a catering service provider located in an institution, public institution, social organization, private non-enterprise unit, or enterprise that serves internal employees, students, and other centralized meals. The canteen is strictly prohibited from operating without a license, and it is strictly prohibited to undertake banquets and open to the outside world.

2. Strict management responsibility

Under the guidance of the local health and disease control departments, the requirements of the canteen health and epidemic prevention should be implemented. Unit canteens that the health and disease control department proposes to prohibit or postpone feeding must resolutely stop feeding.

3. Adhere to the purchase inspection system

Procurement and consumption of wild animals and live animals of unknown origin and animal-derived food are prohibited, and certificates and tickets are required for meat and meat products.

4. Strict processing operation regulations

Separate storage and processing of raw and cooked foods, meat and poultry foods must be cooked through, food processing should be cooked and cooked through, to ensure that the center temperature of cooked food is not lower than 70 ° C. Practitioners should wear work clothes, face masks, and disposal masks, and replace masks in time. It is strictly prohibited to raise and slaughter animals such as livestock and poultry in catering service establishments.

5. Strict disinfection and cleaning system

Ensure that the catering utensils are used after cleaning and disinfection, disinfect the cleaning facilities and dining places every day, and maintain air circulation in the processing and dining places.

6. Strengthen personnel health management

It is necessary to do a good job of arranging the kitchen operators and dining staff through morning inspection and other means. It is found that people who have traveled in Wuhan, people with contact history, and fever, cough, and weakness are immediately reported and isolated.

7. Strict hand washing and disinfection system

Before preparing food, processing raw or cooked food, before meals, after contact with garbage, etc., employees must use six-step hand washing to clean their hands. If go out, take a picnic backpack or a picnic bag, put food it it. Equipped with hand-washing and disinfecting substances to remind employees to wash their hands before eating.

8. Advocate rotation and scattered dining

Conditional canteens can be rotated or scattered to avoid cross-infection. Advocate to bring your own tableware and spread your meals.

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