How To Do When European Clients Are On Holiday?

- Jul 23, 2020-

What can we do when European clients are on holiday?

July and August of each year are the summer holidays for European and American guests.

During this time, all export companies will be affected.

For example, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., during this period of each year, it is very difficult to contact European customers. Sometimes, the accessories of the foldable rain bucket need to be confirmed, the material of the waterproof backpack needs to be communicated, the size of the beach mat needs to be negotiated, the color box draft of the portable shower needs to be provided by the guest, or the bulk of the garden irrigation tree bag needs to be sent. Goods, and many similar things.

When so many details need to be communicated with the guests, the guests often automatically reply by email saying that they are on vacation and everything is waiting for the end of the vacation.

Therefore, after these things, we generally confirm the order details of all outdoor products or garden products with the guests before the guests take a vacation. At the very least, urgent matters are confirmed in advance to prevent unexpected orders.

In addition, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. will also provide appropriate training to employees during this period of time, and then develop some emerging markets. Such as the Southeast Asian market and the African market.

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