How To Deflate The Camping Mat

- Mar 24, 2021-

The weather is warm, and everyone feels like going out for fun. It is very convenient to bring a self-filled cushion to go out.

Many people know how to inflate the self-inflating cushion, so how to make the self-inflating cushion deflate.

Let's take a look at how the camping mat is folded and deflated.

  ?How to deflate the camping mat:

1) Open the air nozzle, roll up from the other end of the air nozzle, and press out the air.

2) Close the air nozzle, roll up the air bed from the other end, and open the air nozzle again to exhaust the remaining air.

3) Finally, the valve is closed, and it can be stored in a rolled state at any time.

Note: Please put it in the outer bag when carrying it to avoid scratches.

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