How To Clean Collapsible Water Tank

- Nov 21, 2020-

The cleanliness of the collapsible water tank is related to the quality of the water. If the collapsible water tank is used to hold drinking water and domestic water, the collapsible water tank must be kept clean, and the collapsible water tank must be cleaned regularly. How to clean it? Let me introduce it to you.

collapsible water tank

1. Fill the collapsible water tank with a large amount of detergent, and then fill in half of the water, then tighten the cover and shake the collapsible water tank vigorously until a large amount of foam occurs, stop the meeting, continue the shaking, repeat it, and then drain the dirty water. Then he connected the faucet until the washing spirit foam was washed clean.

2. Pull the faucet out of the water pipe, and at the same time pull in the water valve from the faucet, use a cotton swab or a clean toothbrush to dip the washing spirit, brush the grooves, and then rinse.

3. Find an iron bar that is slightly thinner than the water pipe, turn the head into a bend, roll up cotton or a clean towel, insert it into the water pipe vertically, twist and push up and down, repeat the operation several times until it is clean

The function of collapsible water tank is to fill water, so everyone must clean the water sac regularly to ensure that it contains clean water.


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